Before and After Pool Restoration

Pool Already Painted?

Bring it back to life again.

Simple Solution is to Repaint

If your pool is already painted then the most cost effective option is to re-paint. Painted pools very rarely need new plaster…ever. Swimming pool paint is a very hard finishing product that will not scratch, peel, blister or bubble.

The only limitation with paint is the surface being painted must be good condition. Too often people paint damaged plaster which continues to breaks away taking the paint with it. A full pool inspection is completed prior to any quote being formalised to ensure the pool is in a good condition.

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Never Been Painted?

Simple to convert, easy to maintain.

Easy to Convert to Paint

If you own a concrete / plaster pool that has never been painted it is recommended that a sealer is used prior to painting. This will ensure a smoother surface and reduces the chances of the plaster deteriorating with time. Once prepared using 4000psi high pressure blasters the surface is inspected and repaired if necessary. The pool is then primed and two or three coats are applied of luxapool high build epoxy pool paint. Once cured for 24 – 48 hours the pool is ready to be filled.

Luxapool pool paint is a great way to protect a new plastered surface or rejuvenate an old concrete / plaster pool. It is aesthetically very pleasing while creating a smooth protective layer over the plaster making it easy to maintain.

Why We Use Luxapool Pool Paint

luxapool paint logoLuxapool pool paint is a great way to protect a new plastered surface or rejuvenate an old concrete / plaster pool. It is aesthetically very pleasing while creating a smooth protective layer over the plaster. Painted pools very rarely need new plaster…ever.

Luxapool pool paint is a two part epoxy specifically design and developed for Australian concrete / plaster swimming pools. Boutique Pool Renovations supports the use of Luxapool pool paint in all of our projects. Luxapool has been and still is the highest build two part swimming pool paint available. Over 22 years of manufacturing and superior quality control have allowed Colormaker to produce the number one selling pool paint in Australia. Over 90% of pool professionals know and recommend Luxapool as the only pool paint to use.

Luxapool pool paint will last 5 – 10 years, sometimes longer depending on how regularly chemicals are balanced. Combined with good preparation of the swimming pool and regular Luxapool two part epoxy will stand the test of time. Swimming pool paint is a very hard finishing product that is scratch resistant, chemical resistant and hard wearing.

The Pool Paint Process

As with all of our services we have researched, tried and tested the optimal way to apply swimming pool paint. With our 20 years experience in painting swimming pools in Perth, we have come to learn a thing or two. All of this research and experience goes into every pool we resurface. Every pool we paint is prepared to the same stringent standards to guarantee a solid bond with the paint. The steps are as follows.

Surface Preparation – By far and away the most important part of the process. Concrete swimming pools are first water blasted at 4000 psi to remove any loose or decaying plaster and identify hollows. Once blasted the surface is inspected to ensure it is etched. Only new plaster is acid washed.

Patching – Large imperfections are patched using epoxy filler. Epoxy filler is much more expensive than other patching materials for good reason. The product adheres better than any other, is 100% compatible with epoxy paints and needs no sealing prior to painting. It is also guaranteed to never shrink, crack or deteriorate in any way.

Taping – All areas not being painted are taped to prevent transfer. this includes pool steps, jets and lights.

Primer Coat – If the concrete swimming pool has not been painted previously, a two part primer is first applied to seal the cement and prepares the surface for paint.

First Coat – The first coat of Luxapool pool paint is applied with special attention to all the “cut in” areas.

Coating Inspection – Any imperfections are sanded ready for the next coat.

Final Coat – The final coat of pool paint is applied.

Clean Up – All the tape is removed, any new lights or jets are fitted and the rubbish is taken away. We take clean up very seriously.

So if you are looking for the most cost effective way of renovating / resurfacing your pool in Perth then Luxapool pool paint may be the solution for you