Pool Safe Tiles

The tile line is concrete swimming pools is often in need of replacement during the renovation process. Boutique Pool Renovations has the largest selection of “Pool-Safe” pool tiles in standard sizes and mosaics. All tiles we use are designed specifically to be used in swimming pools. Only tiles specifically engineered to be submersed and chemical and UV resistant should be used in pools. Any tiles supplied by Boutique Pool Renovations is guaranteed not to crack or pop off for the life of the pool. This is because all our tiles have been tried and tested for over 10 years with proven results.

All tiles used are fixed to your swimming pool to the most stringent standard and level of excellence. We only utilise the highest quality Ardex tile adhesives and tile grouts, all of which are engineered to be used in pool renovations residentially and commercially. Known with in the swimming pool industry as simply the best tile adhesives and grouts Ardex products are the only product that has passed our test of adhesion after sustained submersion in a swimming pool environment. They exceed all Australian Standards and grouts available in a variety of colours.

Standard Pool Tiles

Standard pool tiles in Perth are 200mm x 200mm. While their are variations from this the majority of concrete pools have this unique sized tile. All of our standard pool tiles are single baked Italian porcelain that have been used in WA for over 25 years. Check out the range below.

Mosaic Pool Tiles

Mosaic pool tiles offer a larger range of choice than standard pool tiles. Glass swimming pool tiles are popular but not all are created equal. All our mosaic pool tiles are engineered to be in a swimming pool and have a silicone back to guarantee full adhesion to the wall. The “pool-safe” mosaic tiles are also guaranteed to never cut and scratch anyone. We are very stringent in the choice of tiles as many advertised “swimming pool mosaic” tiles are not designed or engineered to be used in swimming pools in any way or form. Check some of our range of our “pool-safe” mosaic tiles below.

Pool Grout Colours

All grout colours are suitable for swimming pools with darker colours fading with time, it is recommended a lighter colour used to grout swimming pool to prevent discolouration with time.